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just to let you know i feel that what you and the Benoits are doing is probably without question the most purest form of hunting production period. to be able to follow in someone's footsteps and record not only what they see and do but also why they look for certain things[sign]

my wife has come home to me countless nights to find me in front of the TV watching your work. I hope these words of praise will help you to continue to do just as you have been doing and bringing us the true lover's of the whitetail, the type of knowledge we so crave. god bless,


I just recieved my Benoit DVD I ordered last weekend, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The hunts were top notch and the stories were excellent. It is refreshing to see videos that are made the way we really hunt in Maine and the Northeast. To see guys stalking through the woods, actually hunting deer is the ultimate in hunting videos. The hard work you folks have put into the production of these films is evident from the beginning to the end.

I really enjoyed the Benoits explanations of the different aspects of their individual hunts. It is eveident from these films that these guys are real people who just love to hunt deer. They work hard all year long so they can take time off to deer hunt as much as possible each fall. That's just like so many of us who live and hunt in this area. It is great to see a family like the Benoits who work and hunt together; and through hard work at both, enjoy the sucess they do.

Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see the next edition in the series!

Super job!

Matthew - Farmington, ME

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much some of us in the U.S. Coast Guard enjoy the benoit videos. I am proud to tell you that I have watched these videos while on a ship everywhere from the U.S. Virgin Island to the Canadian border. thanks, keep up the good work.

Brad - Burlington, VT

Your videos are the best productions we have ever seen and they have stimulated us to head for the big woods as we have talked about doing for the last several years. Thank you for paying the dues to capture these incredible hunts on film, we can see the many miles of walking apparent in yours and the Benoits faces after some of these hunts. Keep up the effort of filming this style of hunting, not everyone wants to see a hunter sitting in a shed over a field to make a 400 yard shot at a deer that has no idea anyone is in the shed. Would love to see you get the backing needed to get your shows on the outdoor channels.

Scott - NY State

I recieved the Benoit videos for christmas for my father, and i've gotta tell ya they absolutly the best video's I have ever seen. Everything is real nothing is staged just one hundred percent real. I've hunted in northern Maine 6 or 7 times, and its trully some of the hardest hunting there is, and that's why I go back year after year. I've also read one of the Benoit books from Bryce Towsley, and everything he wrote in the book was so good some of the pages I read twice because the stories interested me so much. Keep up the good work with the video's.

Anthony - Hughesville, PA

I've just finished watching the benoit video for the 8th time and wanted to tell you folks what a outstanding job I think you did! It really is a clean product in every way and it will always be a perminent part of my library.

Jim - Ellentown, PA

I have had the Benoit video for about 3months I finally got it back from my hunting buddies who passed it around to their friends. The video was like a breath of fresh air. These guys are real hunters and the video showed that well. I live in the Adirondack mountains of northern New York. It seemed nice to see dear that didn't stand and pose for the camera. Well I just wanted to let you know that you guys did a great job on the video it was the best I have seen. The Benoits seem like regular people and that was nice to see in a hunting video also.

Frank - NY

Excellent Benoit video Ive watched it 20 times very good production and actual deer hunting situations not a camo company promoting clothes,lure,calls etc. Ive hunted Maine many times and can relate to the snow, gray skies and thick tangled logging areas to a T, Maine hunting isnt a turkey shoot its deer hunting at its hardest and most enjoyable and remote.Wish you sucess with your videos and the Benoits are a source of motivation to track those big bucks.

Robert - Nottingham, NH

Just finished watching the Benoit video for a second time. What a great job you and your company did in producing this video. of course you had the best deer hunters in the country as your subjects. A winning combination if there ever was one!

KL - E Concord, NH

All I can say is that the video was everything I hoped it would be and them some. I thought the video was a good tribute to Larry and the Boys. I was impressed with "the local" flavor which showed big buck hunting the way it is in our area of the Northeast. I've hunted Vermont for years and will be venturing to the Maine wood this year for the first time. Watching the video was almost like being there.

What my friends and I enjoyed most about the video was how "real" it was. It wasn't like other videos that show hundreds of deer running into food plots or mesquite bushes and huge whitetails which are shot at hundreds of yards. The video is what deer hunting is to us. I understand that some people enjoy looking at the other type of videos I descriped but your video was more enjoyable for me. Plus the fact that it gave an insight to the Benoits. What a bunch of great deer hunters.

Kevin - Yarmouthport, MA

May I salute you on the Benoit video, the best I have ever seen.. You did the family name proud..


Just wanted to tell you that I loved your videos. The hunting public is too swamped by guys who think they are actors and those that pot shoot fed deer on lease ranches in Texas. Your video was a nice change and we would like to see more of them.


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